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Igniting creativity, empowering communities – this is the heart and soul of Pēriphēries. As a dynamic community organization nestled in the vibrant landscape of North-Eastern Ontario, we are dedicated to fostering artistic expression, community development, and international collaborations. Our mission is encapsulated by the idea of "Cultivating Creative Connections," a concept that forms the very essence of who we are.


a door with a sign that says 2
a door with a sign that says 2

Cobalt, ON

Rouyn-Nranda, QC

Tucuman, Argenina


Our mantra, "Cultivating Creative Connections," encapsulates the very essence of Pēriphēries. We understand that creativity knows no bounds; it flourishes in the peripheries of our minds, pushing us to explore the uncharted territories of imagination. But creativity truly comes to life when it connects with others – when it forms bonds, sparks conversations, and bridges cultures.


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Are you ready to embark on a journey of creativity, connection, and transformation? Pēriphēries invites you to be part of something extraordinary. Whether you're an artist seeking a platform, a community leader aiming to make a difference, or an enthusiast eager to experience the world through a new lens, there's a place for you here.