Story of Pēriphēries

"Pēriphēries" is the idea of "Cultivating Creative Connections." This concept emphasizes the organization's mission to foster artistic expression, community development, and international collaborations. It highlights the importance of nurturing creativity, building meaningful connections between individuals and communities, and creating inclusive spaces where diverse voices can thrive. "Cultivating Creative Connections" encapsulates the essence of Pēriphēries’ efforts to inspire, empower, and unite through the transformative power of art and community engagement.

The word "pēriphēries"

Refers to the outer edges or boundaries of something. It signifies the areas situated away from the central or core part. In a broader sense, "pēriphēries" can represent the marginalized or less prominent aspects of a system, society, or community. In the context of the organization's name, "Pēriphēries" suggests exploring and elevating the often overlooked or underrepresented voices, perspectives, and creative expressions within a community or society.

Our Mission

Our mission at pēriphēries is to empower individuals and communities by providing them opportunities to explore, create, and connect. We strive to cultivate a dynamic, inclusive environment that encourages artistic expression, fosters community development, and celebrates cultural diversity. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to inspire positive change and contribute to the well-being of our region.

At pēriphēries, we envision a thriving and connected community that embraces the transformative power of art, creativity and being together. We aspire to catalyze positive change, where individuals from diverse backgrounds can share their stories, inspire one another, and co-create inclusive spaces that foster personal growth and community development. Our international projects promote cross-cultural understanding and collaboration, fostering a global perspective within our local community.

Our Vision